W3 Angora hand knit bed/lounge socks from Carpathian mountains Ukraine UK 7.5 - 9

100% Angora hand knit antibacterial Bed/Lounge socks from the Carpathian Mountains. Warm, cozy, dry night sleep for your feet

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Averti 100% Angora Handcrafted Antibacterial Bed/Lounge Socks 120 Gram Size UK 7.5 - 9 to withstand winters of -35 these are a fantastic present for the elderly, anyone with poor circulation or just to treat yourself. Antibacterial and wicking means that they draw moisture away from the skin and kill the bacteria which reacts with sweat causing odour so your feet stay warm, dry and fresh all night ensuring a cozy deep sleep. At 120 grams they are very thick and not suitable to be worn with your shoes eg the box they are in is A4. We recommend hand or wool wash.